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Sun Boxes and CUBEMUSIC head to Florida

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Art Center Sarasota presents CUBEMUSIC November 7th 2013-January 3rd 2014.

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CUBEMUSIC Sound and Light:  VIDEO

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Sun Boxes will be in Sarasota November 4-7, 2013 and January 1-3 2014 Details HERE.

Menemsha Beach

And INSTALL will be playing the whole time:  INSTALL Trailer


C U B EM U S I C at U of A


CUBEMUSIC at Anne Kittrell Gallery, at The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR.

September 4th-September 26th 2013

Opening Reception on Wednesday September 18th 6:00PM -7:30PM

Gallery Hours: MTWTH 10:00AM-6:00PM

Friday 12NOON-6:00PM


 C U B EM U S I C  Video



Sun Boxes at ROCO



Sun Boxes is participating in a show called “State of the city: Street-ish”  At Rochester Contemporary Art Center August 1-September 28th 2013

install roco


INSTALL is looping.

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Sun Boxes will be on site September 26, 27, and 28th, 2013.  12NOON-Sundown.

Sun Boxes at Solar Decathlon 2013


Sun Boxes heads to California.

Exposition featuring photographs and INSTALL September 15-December 1

Sun Boxes present October 4-8


Rochester Contemporary Art Center

Fall In…Art and Sol

Sarasota Art Center


Sun Boxes at Artosphere


Sun Boxes will be partaking in the 4th annual Artosphere Festival.

There are many opportunities to come and experience Sun Boxes.

May 9 Tyson Plaza, at Walton Arts Center, 4pm-Sundown

May 13 &14 Tyson Plaza, at Walton Arts Center, 9am-1:30pm

May 18 Spiral Wetland, Lake Fayetteville. 9am-Sundown

May 19 Block Street Block Party, 9am-Sundown

May 20 John Brown University Quad (front lawn) 10am-Sundown

May 22 Tyson Plaza, at Walton Arts Center, 4pm-Sundown

May 23 Tyson Plaza, at Walton Arts Center12noon-Sundown

May 25 Tyson Plaza, at Walton Arts Center, 12noon-Sundown

May 26 Tyson Plaza, at Walton Arts Center 12noon-Sundown

June 2 Botanical Garden of the Ozarks, 8am-10am

June 5 &6 University of Arkansas campus 12noon-Sundown

June 8 Trail at Pinnacle Hills-behind Taco Bell, 12noon-Sundown

June 9 Trail at Pinnacle Hills-behind Taco Bell 12noon-4

June 13-15 Tyson Plaza & Rose Garden, at Walton Arts Center, 12noon-Sundown

June 16 Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, 1pm-3pm

June 20 Tyson Plaza, at Walton Arts Center, 4pm-Sundown

June 22 Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Sunrise-Sundown




Sun Boxes at LexArts

Silver Lake


LexArts Announces New Public Art Initiative

Artist Craig Colorusso’s Sun Boxes Blends Music and the Power of the Sun

Temporary Installation at CentrePointe May 3-5

LexArts is pleased to announce that artist Craig Colorusso will bring his solar powered sound sculpture, Sun Boxes, to Lexington for a weekend-long installation.  Colorusso’s work will be available to the public on May 3rd, 4th, and 5th at CenterPointe.

Sun Boxes, sculptural experimentation with sound and solar energy, is made up of twenty wooden “Sun Boxes” that are equipped with solar panels, speakers, amplifiers and electronic sound modules.  Each Box is preloaded with a recorded guitar note and collectively Sun Boxes creates unique melodies that vary infinitely throughout the day depending on the amount of clouds and sun and even shadows of the participants.

LexArts CEO Jim Clark noted, “Colorusso’s work fits with the aesthetics of the public art program we are building here in Lexington- a temporary sonic piece which is akin to the Bill Fontana work, Surface Reflections, which continues to perform in our downtown.

The installation is the latest in a program that provides a platform for non-traditional and/or alternative forms of public art.  Like Fontana, Colorusso began his artistic career as a musician and has evolved to join a growing number of artists that borrow ambient sounds and real-world noise as an integral part of their work.”

Colorusso, a self described “recovering musician’ added, “Sun Boxes is really my way of improvising with Mother Nature.  The sounds are both soothing and energizing, not unlike the sounds that might accompany yoga and meditation.”


Sun Boxes at AMOA-Arthouse


Saturday April 27th

Sunday April 28th


Laguna Gloria

3809W 35th ST

Austin, Texas

Co-Presented by

Fusebox Festival

Artist Craig Colorusso’s solar powered sound sculptures, Sun Boxes, will be installed on the grounds. Twenty independently-operated speakers preloaded with recorded guitar notes collectively create harmonious chords, which continually overlap and evolve into new, unique melodies. For each day the Sun Boxes are on view, Colorusso will mix up the sculptures’ arrangement to invite a more organic, atmospherically responsive interaction. The artist will be on hand throughout the weekend to engage with visitors in this pop-up meditative space. Free with museum admission.


Silver Lake

F A C E B O O K 

T W I T T E R 

Y O U T U B E 

S I T E 

Kight Point

Coming soon: Sun Boxes at