I make things that make sound. I am a guitar player intrigued by carpentry and fascinated by objects.

Continuously trying to combine all three and create environments for participants to literally enter and exit at will.


200 lbs.

brown eyes

Sometimes I have hair but never much.

Never been drunk, I think this has contributed to the lack of interesting stories in my life.

An accurate label would be straight edge kid from CT.

Am afraid of sharks but nothing else.

Have two tattoos, one home made and one from a guy in a shop.

He was my first friend we met in preschool.

Was in a Butoh dance company.

Always on time.

Love concrete.

Have been humbled by life.

Play guitar and Bass Clarinet.

All moments are fleeting.

Always polite.

Got into a push- up phase that ended with 1250 a day and sore joints. I stopped.

I like yoga but dislike talking about it.

Played football in high school.  In CT not TX.

Used to be a vegetarian.

Grew up in Brookfield, CT.

Currently live in Arkansas with a wife daughter and four cats.

Daughter has red hair and is wild.

Have stepped foot on every continental state.  Played or installed in 32 of them.

Two nieces 9 and 5 training them to call me Uncle Stallion.

My best friend is a blacksmith.

The older I get the more I realize how beautiful the world is.

Have had over 50 jobs including; stagehand/landscaper/ sound guy/carpenter/restaurants /lifeguard…I even sold vacuums door to door.

I like the sound of the wind.