Sound Swings

Sound Swings Uptown is near the community garden and entrance to Mud Creek Trail. Sound Swings is an interactive set of swings – sized for adults – that play music. Each swing operates independently with its own section of the composition triggered by a participant. The music is made by an electric guitar; the lightness of the sound is designed to enhance the feeling of flight. address

Wilson Circle

Wilson Circle is a piece that plays music for sunrise and sunset. Come and be part of the woods at Wilson Preserve. There is a trailhead in the parking lot of Sam’s Club in Fayetteville. address


A W A S H is a new digital piece that allows participants to create a unique experience with Cell Phones (or other devices.)

Simply access your favorite streaming platform with this link.

Then get some friends and have everyone start to play A W A S H from their phones. It will work with 3 or 4 people but we think it works best with 12 or more. You can either play one of the 12 tracks on repeat or the whole album on shuffle.

Make a drone. Share your results with us.

Sound + Light at The Momentary

Sunday October 25th Sun Boxes, CUBEMUSIC and Ladybug Cathedral will be on the green of the Momentary as part of their Sunday Reset series. There will also be two of my Yoga friends teaching classes. 7:30am-7:00pm.

PHOTO: Katie Robertson

Suzie Atkin and Catalina Carvajal will be on the green teaching yoga. It’s all free and you can sign up here

Sun Boxes is comprised of twenty speakers operating independently, each powered by the sun via solar panels.  There is a different loop set to play a guitar note in each box continuously.  These guitar notes collectively make a Bb chord.  Because the lops are different in length, once the piece begins they continuously overlap and it slowly evolves over time.  The sounds of Sun Boxes has been described as both soothing and energizing.

6 Aluminum Cubes that emit sound and light.  The piece transforms the space into a web of sound, light and shadows. If Sun Boxes were considered the daytime piece, CUBEMUSIC is definitely the nighttime piece. This is the second timne CUBEMUSIC has been outside.

Ladybug Cathedral was originally composed for the Delaware Art Museum as a 5 hour piece for bowed guitar.  The piece has evolved since and for The Momentary there will be 3 one hour sections played on the green.

Suzie Atkin

Catalina Carvajal

LIVE STREAM April 2, 2020

Tips welcome: Paypal | Venmo

photo by Brandon Potter

Originally composed for the Delaware Art Museum, Lady Bug Cathedral was a 5 hour piece of bowed guitar.

photo by Sarah King

The piece has been performed a few times and has expanded to include Bass Clarinet and Clarinet.

CC Ryder

There was even a reed section at the last gig.

Photo by Lauren Embree

This will be the second time Lady Bug Cathedral will be performed indoors.

Songs Like Paper

A 42 minute piece of bowed guitar by Craig Colorusso is now streaming on your favorite platform: HERE.

Below is a taste…

Photo by Mark Savoia

Sun Boxes in Boynton Beach Florida

Sun Boxes participated in the 4th Biennial International Kinetic Art Exhibit.

February 3 and 4th I was in Boynton Beach talking to lots of great people. There were great artists only a few feet away.

Like my buddy Anthony Castronovo, who collaborated with the delightful Eleonora Nicoletti for Solar Shimmer.

Anthony and I even had some time to play a little pinball.