Guitar Music by Craig Colorusso. 10 inches on white vinyl.

STRAP PARTS is two pieces that start similarly but end very differently, they’re actually the same parts reworked to suit different needs. STRAP PARTS is an example of a concept and its two possible outcomes. Craig Colorusso 03.09.05

Recorded and Produced by Michael Deming at Studio .45 Enfield CT
Mastered by Keith Chirgwin
Painting by APOLE

Review in The Wire
Strap Parts 10 inch. White Vinyl. Muud 1

Craig Colorusso has been around for a while in all
manner of guises, but his newest thing may be his most
interesting yet. Strap Parts (Muud 10″) is a
set of two solo guitar inventions that begin with the
same gentle strokes, then evolve in very different
ways. “Strap” lets feedback build around its gentle
curves, concluding in a question more than an answer.
“Parts” resolves itself a bit differently, lingering
over long notes that jet slowly down so much that it
almost sounds like mid-period Loren Connors at times.
A superior effort.

The Wire Issue 260 October 2005

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