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Sun Boxes in Boynton Beach Florida

Sun Boxes participated in the 4th Biennial International Kinetic Art Exhibit.

February 3 and 4th I was in Boynton Beach talking to lots of great people. There were great artists only a few feet away.

Like my buddy Anthony Castronovo, who collaborated with the delightful Eleonora Nicoletti for Solar Shimmer.

Anthony and I even had some time to play a little pinball.

Sound + Light in Quincy, IL

September 28, 2018 to November 2, 2018 CUBEMUSIC and INSTALL were presented at Quincy Art Center while Sun Boxes toured the city.

I met a ton of very cool people.

They even fed me great Italian Food.

There were Cameras\

Looking forward to my return to Quincy.

Sound + Light at The Delaware Museum of Art

July 14th-23rd  Sun Boxes will be at The Delaware Art Museum.  CUBEMUSIC will also be presented as well as some live performnaces.  There will be yoga and or Tai Chi amongst the boxes every day.

The Short film, by Kevin Belli, INSTALL: Sound, Light & Craig Colorusso will be shown through out the 10 days.  Here’s the TRAILER


SUN BOXES on Youtube

CUBEMUSIC on Youtube

Environmental Sound Artists

BOOK cover

Honored to be part of this book with an essay on Sun Boxes.

Edited by Frederick Bianchi and V. J. Manzo and to be published by Oxford University Press on August 25 (July 12 on Amazon), Environmental Sound Artists is a new book exploring traditional and novel issues around the art of environmental sound:

‘Environmental Sound Artists: In Their Own Words’ is an incisive and imaginative look at the international environmental sound art movement, which emerged in the late 1960s. The term environmental sound art is generally applied to the work of sound artists who incorporate processes in which the artist actively engages with the environment. While the field of environmental sound art is diverse and includes a variety of approaches, the art form diverges from traditional contemporary music by the conscious and strategic integration of environmental impulses and natural processes.

This book presents a current perspective on the environmental sound art movement through a collection of personal writings by important environmental sound artists. Dismayed by the limitations and gradual breakdown of contemporary compositional strategies, environmental sound artists have sought alternate venues, genres, technologies, and delivery methods for their creative expression.

Environmental sound art is especially relevant because it addresses political, social, economic, scientific, and aesthetic issues. As a result, it has attracted the participation of artists internationally. Awareness and concern for the environment has connected and unified artists across the globe and has achieved a solidarity and clarity of purpose that is singularly unique and optimistic. The environmental sound art movement is borderless and thriving.


Here are some links of the authors:

Andrea Polli

Philip Blackburn

Bernie Krause

David Dunn

John Bullitt

John Luther Adams

Cheryl E. Leonard

Jeff Talman

Leah Barclay

Craig Colorusso

Joseph Bertolozzi

Marty Quinn

Bruce Odland


China Blue

David Rothenberg

Gordon Hempton

Dawn Scarfe


David Monacchi

Christopher DeLaurenti

Aki Passionals

Matthew Burtner

Sound + Light Wrap Up

Sound + Light ran for 5 days in Charleston, SC. All 4 pieces and the film INSTALL all in an 80,000 square foot warehouse. We met tons of cool people ate some great food and even did yoga with 149 other people in the dark with CUBEMUSIC.  Here are some photos. Sound + Light was Brought to you by Enough Pie and Boomtown.


Sun Boxes catching the last of the sun.


The glow of CUBEMUSIC.


CUBE one.




Kids at MB 89.

The Drone of MB 89



Coloring book

Enough Pie made a coloring Book.

Sun Boxes at UMASS/MT Holyoke

IMG_2712 IMG_2714 IMG_2716

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

IMG_2728 IMG_2719 IMG_2720IMG_2733

Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA

IMG_2739 IMG_2740 IMG_2759 IMG_2741

Engineering Quad, UMASS

IMG_0344.JPG IMG_0339.JPG IMG_0336.JPG IMG_0334.JPGPanaramic Photos by the wonderful singer; Mandy Pachios



Sun Boxes head back to The Commonwealth


In Boston

Thursday September 18 Copley Square Park

Friday September 19 Dewey Square

Saturday September 20 Boston Common

Sunday September 21 Children’s Museum



In Northampton

Monday September 22  UMASS

Tuesday September 23 Mount Holyoke College

Wednesday September 24 UMASS

Thursday September 25 UMASS

Short video by Boston Filmmaker Kevin Belli




Sun Boxes wins top prize at ARTFIELDS.



Honored and humbled.  Still can’t believe it.



A video from ARTFIELDS  HERE



SB at Bernheim’s Edible Garden



Saturday May 17th Sun Boxes was part of the Edible Gardens opening at Bernheim Arboretum.




March 13-18th CUBEMUSIC was part of the 10th Annual Valley of the Vapors Festival


At Ozark Bath House presented at  Friends of the park in Kahoots with Hot Springs National Park


Sun Boxes were also there in Hot Springs, Arkansas.