MB 89 at Godine Gallery

The latest installment of MB 89 at Godine Gallery
Saturday January 7th 2012
Sunday January 8th 2012
Monday January 9th 2012
As Part of the show

“After Darkness, I hope for Light”

Light evokes many fascinating thoughts, and holds endless interpretations. It is with light that we are able to see; light illuminates our world and allows life to exist. All of the artists in this exhibition are using light as the primary element in their pieces. They provide us with a new forum for discussion by allowing the audience to supply their own associations. With the diversity of light based work being created by artists like Heather Ackroyd, Dan Harvey, and Jim Campbell, we are presented with a seemingly infinite playing field of perception. There is a broad sense of how light can be used, and various subjects that light, as a medium, tackles.

MB 89 is an attempt for Colorusso to play a continuous piece of music that spans the greater part of his life. Unlike a composition with a discrete beginning and ending that may be played over and over, MB 89 is a composition played once, continuously; spaces between performances are to be treated as musical rests. Instead of many starts and finishes there is constant music. MB 89 is the reference point of Colorusso’s life

In his own words;

“I think it started when I was a kid. I had a mild interest in sports. I was amazed to find out that innings get added to a baseball game when there is a tie. But what was really amazing was that they keep adding them on until there’s a winner. The thought of a game lasting a few days was great. I thought it would be really cool if the game lasted a year. And what if the game lasted several years? I had a vision of all these baseball players running around in weathered uniforms and long white beards. Now that would be something; to continue a game for the rest of your life.”