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Sound Swings Uptown Video

Sound Swings Uptown Video.    

Moon Pod Video

Longtime friend and collaborator KEVIN BELLI made a short clip about the Moon Pod.

Sun Boxes in Oklahoma

June 29-30, 32018 Sun Boxes visited The Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was two great days filled with Sun. And Lots of very cool people.

Sound Swings Uptown

New Video for Sound Swings Uptown


Using Bass Clarinet and Bb Clarinet it plays a pattern of notes using the Number PI This is a 20 second sample.  The whole piece can be heard in the app link above on the left. Or you can stream … Continue reading


  On August 10, 1996 at noon Joel Westerdale and I presented Tagmusik, a 24 hour piece of  Dr Java’s in Bethel, Connecticut. Old friends came and joined us Here is the layout of the piece.  

Sound Swings Uptown

Sound Swings Uptown are swings that make sound when you swing on them. Commissioned by Specialized and fabricated by Modus Sudios the Sound Swings Uptown are located by the bike path at Uptown Fayetteville.  Fayetteville, Arkansas.     Each Swing has it’s … Continue reading

The Moon Pod

        The latest incarnation of the Moon Phases series is The Moon Pod. While the music plays in 29.53 day cycles;  two light sources cast distorted shadows of the structure.  Every 24 hours the Sun does its thing and every … Continue reading